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Why I prefer ExpressionEngine over any other CMS

Web Developer’s View of ExpressionEngine compared to the rest of the CMS’s out there. Why expressionegine rocks.

I have a friend who is a good programmer and generally a decent Web Developer (css html etc), but he seems to rush out and makes his own CMS every time he makes a new website. I keep explaining [...]

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Web Developer’s View of ExpressionEngine compared to the rest of the CMS’s out there. Why expressionegine rocks.

imageI have a friend who is a good programmer and generally a decent Web Developer (css html etc), but he seems to rush out and makes his own CMS every time he makes a new website. I keep explaining the benefits of using ExpressionEngine and he keeps using every other CMS out there. Maybe i forget what the learning curve was with ExpressionEngine and their amazing Documentation. Now with the upcoming 2.0 maybe having to re-learn EE will allow me to understand why every web developer does not use it.

As far as it goes for the client or any addition Web Developers that need to make changes EE makes this task a piece of cake. For one thing, the backend admin is very straight forward for the owner to come in fix pages, add content, or post blogs. For web developers, having used wordpress having to go after other WordPress developers can be hell, hence if EE was used right when setting up the website it becomes such an easy and fun task to fix or add to the previous Web Developer’s version of the website.

Security is always a great concern when using PHP, and let’s be honest my friends made up CMS’s are most definitely a huge threat to his clients, let’‘s not even mention what it means for other web developers to come in and add stuff, they have to decipher the whole PHP system he has set up. But security is taken care for us, and it’s done by some amazing professionals (the EE team consists of some amazing PHP developers who know their security) so if nothing else security is a high plus.

The library of paid and free extensions and modules has been getting bigger and bigger with more important addons coming in every day. Unfortunately it’s not as easy to install a module as it is on WordPress but that doesn’t mean it’s hard, it’s not. These addons can make the web developers job so much easier, why spent countless hours making an ecommerce plugin when there already is one. Why battle spam posts everyday when there are addons to do that for you. While talking about addons i must mention SolSpace as the lead provider for extremely high quality addons.

Beyond being able to set up beautiful simple blogs and controlling pages in the CMS EE is so much more. You can set up a website almost as complicated as FaceBook with the BUILT IN features of EE, sure you will need a few extensions and modules but life will still be easy. With the ability to use SAEF (stand-alone entry forms) life is good, you can have users submit all kinds of data from within your website rather than the admin section, making it much more customizable.

And my favorite thing about EE is that once you take the comp of the design and you make it into standard compliant HTML and CSS website it can take as little as 20 minutes to integrate it with EE. Who has used wordpress to do this task, it takes forever and you have to memorize all these ridiculous PHP commands, EE is made for designers and back-end developers alike, but definitely simplifying the life of us front-end developers by a long shot. For example i have put my PHP learning to a halt because i have not yet been able to find something i can’t do with EE’s default features or addons. From social network websites to social bookmarking ones, i have done it all with no knowledge of back-end development.

To wrap things up ExpressionEngine is the elite CMS that doesn’t cost that much to begin with. Try the core version today.

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  • I don’t understand why you consider another CMS other than the big three; Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal.
    I could see how Wordpress could have a simpler more flexable solution. Maybe that is were EE comes in.
    Drupal may not be simple but is second to none for flexibility. The API, hook system and MySQL query UI “Views” is undeniably powerful.

  • As far as Drupal goes i think you just proved my point, having to use MySQL queries to do things is something i have never faced in ExpressionEngine. I think a point i may have missed to express in the article is that as a Designer i find it the easiest. No need to write any actual programming to create huge complicated systems. Wordpress is not bad, but their templating is again so filled with programming it gives me a headache :) Look on the net for the syntax of expressionengine and you’ll know what i talking about :) to include a header template its this {embed=”/includes/header”} and to display the articles in any blog its {exp:weblog:entries weblog=”nameofblog”} and then you can output any field you like (even ones you custom create in admin) like {title} and {type_of_hair}.

  • It amazes me that folks use Wordpress in CMS comparisons. It’s not even a full CMS, it’s a blog with some CMS stuff added to it.

    Then you have the big boy Plone CMS and it’s not even listed. Plone has the strongest security out there, and is the fastest too, If I’m not mistaken.

    I wonder why more folks don’t know about Plone.

  • I just checked out plone and the first thing that struck me was the complexity. Personally I find it overwhelming compared to EE and other cms’s like cushycms. But I guess if I gave it a chance it might be a nice cms. Thanks for the information!

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