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Top 6 Ugliest Web Design Company Websites

It’s not really hard to find beautiful websites, and it’s even easier to find beautiful websites of web design companies. I searched the web for quite a while and selected the top 6 ugliest web design company websites. You won’t like them, i promise.

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Maclin Solutions

Where is the design here?


Hoover Web Design

Damn, that dotted background is killing me…


Heather’s Web Design

I like the 3 funny pics on the homepage :)



Beautiful. Creative. Functional. At least that’s what they say on the website. But it’s not beautiful, it’s not creative and it’s not functional. And what’s up with that huge font size !?!



Why so much different fonts? But even with that fixed it would be ugly.


Bearz Web Works

This one looks good comparing to the rest of them, but still, it’s ugly.


That’s it

And those are the top 6 ugliest websites of webdesign companies. I hope you enjoyed, but the chances are you didn’t, neither did I.

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Slobodan Kustrimovic

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  • Nice, i had a laugh! THanks

  • Hmmm i might put that website of yours in the list here.

    Haha kidding :P it’s great :)

  • Great/funny article, I had a good laught! In fact many design companies have bad looking websites…It’s like those people who don’t make a dollar on the internet and own “money online” blogs. Pathetic. Haha!

  • :) I don’t know why they even pay for the domain and hosting, i don’t think they can get a design job. But you must give them a credit for trying :) I’m considering getting one of them to design a website for me, just to see what that will look like. I am a bad designer (tutsvalley is a good example) but comparing to them i’m a DESIGNER :)

  • This seems kinda petty

  • Hi !



  • … howdy! And the point is?
    One of those site validated correctly as HTML 4.1 transitional. Yours didn’t. Your html: 88 errors and 8 warnings, css: 6 errors. So yeah, it’s been fun, thanks :-)

  • Haha, what do you expect when you have “Microsoft Certified Professional Web Designers” (Maclin Solutions) for a web design team.

    Very original concept. ROFL.

  • You wont like this, but some of those designs may very well appeal to the specific communities they serve. Not every one is a twenty something snarky yuppie. You might be surprised at the ROI on these sites.

  • @tb – Yeah, i know :) Just didn’t see a point of fixing this one because i’m working on a new design and complete recoding (won’t use WordPress).

    @Marvin – Dunno, maybe you’re right but what about the fact that they all have TABLE LAYOUT. Table layouts are long way behind us, so not only that the design style is old, the coding style is very old too. They also have less then 5 lines of CSS :)

  • Awesome collection…lol :D
    i really liked the three pics from the ‘Heathers’. Especially the second one… truly original concept. ha ha!

  • Haha, my favorite is third (the monkey) :)

  • Look at the source code for Maclin Solutions :P

    <meta name=”GENERATOR” content=”Microsoft FrontPage 5.0″>

    And also:


  • lol :)

  • ha ha haa… really unique list, some sites are really horrible… Wonderful list, appreciate the hardwork. Thanks!


  • OMG, these are great! :) I mean for laughing out loud.

    I bet they earn lots of money and have tons of clients waiting in line to work with them.

    This is definitely worth a tweet.


  • You should definitely add this (German) web design company to this list:


  • Pushing the envelope with monkeys, cats and tables!

  • http://kildeal.ie/ – cringe

  • I can give 99999 more… d-_-b

  • http://www.ingema.sk/ dunno who done this… but i suspect it was some 15year-old student :D

  • I wonder why Designz23 didn’t use a template for their own website since that is how they deZign them for their clients.

  • Be sure to add http://www.kadman.net/


  • @Yarden – Is that a design company? :) Frames, Animated GIFS, using divs in few places and unordered list for menu but it’s all wrapped inside a table… Thanks for the link :)

    I’m gonna update the post in few days with all those links in the comments. Thanks. :)

  • lol,
    they are web designer from 70 :-)

  • holy cow!! lol))

  • Excellent! I’ve shared this already!

  • I think I have you all beat. Game over. Give me my prize money now please. Behold: http://www.websitespro.net/

    What really boggles my mind are his list of clients who have paid him to design their even uglier sites.

  • @voodazz – It’s interesting that he has way more twitter followers then i do. Maybe i should hire him to redesign my blog :)

  • Yeah I can’t figure that out either. LOL!
    I actually made a redesign of one of his client’s site who also happens to be in one of my network groups and they were blown away by the result (didn’t take much), but for some reason they feel a certain sense of obligation to stay with mr. “Design Pro”.

    Oh well.

  • Um… Heather’s website says “Do not contact me for web design or hosting since I no longer offer those services.”

  • Hahahaha, guys i have more of you ever saw… in Ugly Websites :D


    He is a ‘web designer’, and has a lot of really awful sites, please chek it out :)


    TDP Workspace.

  • check this site also… http://www.296-software.com and some of their portfolios… hehe :)

  • Nice list. How can these companies claim to know design when their websites don’t even convey it? Then again, I’m sure their clients don’t care much about design. Here’s another one: http://www.intelligentcomputing.net

  • Delightful. May I add your blog to my link exchange directory?

  • Why stop at 6?

    Make this a poll and award the ugliest, yet top-earning web design company site. ;-)

  • “Sound Bytes” would be my favourite part of the Maclin one.

    As for “Heather’s”, that wouldn’t be too atrocious six years ago when it appears to shut down.

    Ah, the joys of the early 200x’s on the internets…

  • Can I haz a “datebase”? (ref to the one with the Internet Marketing site)

  • Good article, would love more info on this…

  • one of my all time favorites…


  • Nice one :)

  • I am sorry but South Africa has WebDesign companies that kill those above, Check this out!!


  • Such a great Web site. Thanks for sharing your valuable post.

  • I know this is an old post but I’d rather see sites that inspire rather than busting on old ones that probably aren’t even maintained anymore. My 2 cents.

  • Craig… it’s the same principle as going to History class… how are you suppose to know how to make good websites today without seeing the history of web development? Think of this as a history lesson :) it’s merely fun to look at. Imagine going to a car museum and seeing old ugly cars, its educational.

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