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New Design – Enavu Network

The all new design in celebration of the new and improved enavu network.

For a while now the enavu network has been growing like wild fire. We have a whole new web development blog at tutsvalley.com (upcoming design as well). Also we are hard at work on an amazing project management solution (that will be completely [...]

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The all new design in celebration of the new and improved enavu network.

For a while now the enavu network has been growing like wild fire. We have a whole new web development blog at tutsvalley.com (upcoming design as well). Also we are hard at work on an amazing project management solution (that will be completely free) called freedcamp. We are also building a social bookmarking service at bookmrk.it that will be aimed at web developers only. We have an html, css, and grid framework on its way. Anyways i have spent some time coming up with a more unified design that showcases our network so you guys can use all of the amazing services we are providing. A lot of new features coming soon. There might be bugs in the new design so PLEASE use the contact form form up in the menu to help us clear those out.

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  • Re “Don’t forget to clear your floats” Even better, use “overflow: auto;” like so, and then you don’t need to clear the float:

    <div class=“wrap” style=“border:1px solid #666; width:200px; overflow:auto;”> 
    <div class=“floated” style=“float:left; height:200px; border:1px solid #CCC; width:150px; margin-left:10px;”></div>

  • @Bock, there are quite a few fixes for that smile either with js or min-height and the css fix for ie smile

  • I have to use tables when the content should stretch to height of the container. 

    There is no other way.

  • I think in XHTML 1.0 Strict the br clear=“all” is not accepted..?

    Why to use an semantic br-Tag, if you can clear your floats easy with css?

  • Tables should still be used to display tabular data. Also since CSS has issues with displaying vertically aligned text in the middle of a div sometimes a quick fix that works on all browsers is to just put it in a table with one cell and set the cell vertical alignment to middle. No CSS hacks needed to make sure it works across all browsers correctly.

  • I strongly disagree on using
    s for clearing float. It is so 1999. overfolw:hidden is the better solution.

    and 7. don’t overuse captcha..
    using captcha for Wordpress blog comments? Come on dude! Akismet is still ailve!

  • When we are playing with data especially 1000s from database, table is the only way to control!. The rest we always encourage to play with!

  • <quote>
    /* Clear Fix */
    .clearfix:after {

    * html .clearfix {height:1%;}

    .clearfix has proven its strength and usability in various scenarios and its highly recommended by bunch of web masters and should be taken as a standard.
    my 0.02$

  • Re #1, the clear attribute is deprecated.

  • .clearfix is a hack. Just use overflow:hidden. It’s much much simpler and it works. I am constantly amazed that so few people know about it.

    Also what’s with the dates in these comments? They’re all the 31th (?) of January.

  • Just more on the .clearfix thing, if you look at the Position Is Everything post where it comes from http://www.positioniseverything.net/easyclearing.html you’ll see they even tell you that the information is out of date and link to a Sitepoint article which uses overflow:auto http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2005/02/26/simple-clearing-of-floats/

  • Being devil’s advocate her for a minute – you mention don’t use tables or absolute positioning without really explaining why not (in fact you say you wont go into why not use AP Divs). I did a little survey with my students on SEO and table-based websites came top of Google as well as CSS-based. Google doesn’t differentiate and for some new web developers tables are a lot easier to understand that CSS. I know CSS is more semantic but every time I hear the words ‘don’t use tables’ it’s without any really solid reasoning and seems to be going with the crowd. Table-based websites show up in browsers, are accessible, are Google-friendly, and until someone comes up with a REALLY interesting reason as to why not to use tables I’m not sure I should go to the fairly intensive exercise of trying to understand the intricacies of CSS.

  • Don’t forget that you can absolutely position elements in a relatively positioned element.

  • @Phil
    I highly reccommend reading this book by Dan Cederholm. It has an entire chapter on Tables that uses them in many different ways and lists the pluses and minuses of each method. Like you I always have to know why I’m doing something. This book gives you all the reasons why and thus the ability to make an educated decision based on your current project and circumstances as to what the best method is.

    As far as a reason one of the better ones is that tables make it very difficult for screenreaders, handheld devices and computers that do not allow css to view your page properly.

    Using standards helps to bullet proof your site and isn’t just a way to make you look good to the few people out there who like to view source.

    The book on amazon:

  • Really? Seriously? These are the dont’s for webdevelopment? It is 2010 people! We had this discussion 10 years ago…

    Everyone will agree with you and the clearfix is outdated… This is an open door! We have been here! Talk about something new…

  • Nice post.

  • Excellent article, these should really be adapted especially with regards to monitor sizes. There are still developers who forget about this basic rule “Don’t forget that your website will be viewed by all types of monitor sizes”.

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