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10 Awesome jQuery and JavaScript Snippets

Awesome collection of jQuery and JavaScript snippets. Enjoy.

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Typography in Web Design – Complete Guide

This article reveals information about typography as seen and used in today’s web world. It goes over techniques that will help you create pleasing typography in your website designs.

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The most influential web designs today, and why they work!

This is a list of the most inspirational and influential designs today. Each one is explained and evaluated.

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Best Of January – 10 Web Development Articles And Tutorials

I handpicked 10 web development related articles and tutorials that i liked the most in January. Check them out, you might have missed some.

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Top 10 HTML Snippets

The 10 most used snippets in HTML. Very useful reference for any Web Developer.

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First ever HTML5 CSS3 framework – 52framework

The enavu network releases the first HTML5 CSS3 framework! Check out a quick review of the 52framework here.

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Making Image Overlay Caption Using CSS

In this tutorial we will make a nice transparent overlay image caption using CSS.

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Favorite jQuery education websites

A list of websites i find myself visiting rather often to learn more jQuery.

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Making A Cool Thumbnail Effect With Zoom And Sliding Captions

Since the thumbnail spotlight effect i wrote a tutorial about was and still is amazingly popular i decided to make another cool thumbnail effect. This time with zoom and sliding caption.

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TutsValley Redesigned

Well it was about time for a new design, wasn’t it? Let’s take a look at the differences and all those major improvements.

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