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Why you must have Creative Suite 5.5

The New Creative Suite!

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I finally got the new Creative Suite and I feel like a kid in a candy store! Haven’t even spent more than an hour playing with Dreamweaver but I can assure you if it was amazing before… now it’s a whole different ball game. With native jQuery support, PhoneGap, and other amazing functionality that makes development a breeze this is the ultimate IDE to develop websites with. Specifically the HTML5 and CSS3 support that is now native and doesn’t require you to install a patch/update. So if you have a chance give the new CS a try! I will try to write some articles on the really cool stuff offered in the Suite when i get some time. For now I am off to testing what else it offers.

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  • Good, I like such news.

  • Well its a must have suit for designers!! I love adobe. :)

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