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New Poll: Should we add community news section

As you probably noticed there is a new poll in the sidebar. I need your opinion about community news section…

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The previous poll

The previous poll about the blog design ended with a good outcome, 90% of all you guys and gals like the current design and i am very happy, because i designed it (and i’m not a good designer). A very big THANK YOU to all voters. :)

The new poll

Here is a chance to make a little contribution to the readers that have their own blogs about web development by implementing community news section where they will post links to their articles.

The community news will be shown in the sidebar, where the most recent submissions will be viewable (i think there will be 10 of them shown here) and i will also make a special page where you can view all of them (or at least 100 latest, still thinking about that). In order for them to be links to quality articles i will be manually accepting them.

I will probably use the FV Community News plugin for WordPress, but if you have something better in mind please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Final Words

I’m not sure how long the voting will take but if i see that it’s going in a specific direction i will end it and either integrate it or not (depending on the direction). That’s all i wanted to say about the new poll.

It takes only a second to vote, thanks :)

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Slobodan Kustrimovic

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  • Community news if it also has a voting option like Digg, it will be great -> as popular and latest articles can get preference in the top 10. This will make sure quality articles don’t get buried in the numerous articles getting submitted. Just my $.02

  • Hmmm, not sure FV Community News plugin has voting option and building a custom one will take pretty much time, which will have effect on the tutorials here. So i think we should first see if it gains some popularity and if it does will sure think about making the community news system much much better.

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