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New design and new plans

Since Tutsvalley is developing quite nicely i decided to make some improvements on the site. Here i talk about those improvements and a bit about the new ones that i plan to implement soon.

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New design

If you ware already here you probably noticed the new design. I planned to design and code  a website from scratch but since i am a freelance web programmer and the only writter of tutorials on the site (hoping to get some help soon) , i am a bit short on time so i decided to keep using WordPress and modify the arclite theme.

I changed the header, footer and the sidebar and would like to hear your opinion on those changes.

New plans

I mentioned new plans in the title of this post, so here it goes.

1) Since i am not able to write a new tutorial every day (should change soon), i decided to make something that will be called “Daily Tip”. Daily tips will be small posts about php, css and jQuery. Not to bother you with explaining, i will start posting from today so you will see what it is.

2) I am developing a “community news” section, where all you guys who have your own websites or blogs about web development can promote your articles for free.

3) Some more design improvements like changing the “demo” and “source” links to some nice looking buttons, improve the footer… and i’m open to any ideas you might have to make this blog better, you can use the contact form or comment on this post.

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Slobodan Kustrimovic

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  • Back last styles pleas.
    It were great. Really.

  • Hmmm.

    It was a ready made theme, which is not quite suitable for a blog that talks about programming i think.

    What exactly don’t you like about this one, so i can fix it.

  • I don’t like header. There are just logo and two links and height is too large for this 3 elements.

    Last header was great, rich and progressive.

    Anyway, your articles are good for me, thank you.

  • We will have 2 or 3 more links in the header soon :)

    Glad you like the articles :)

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