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Freedcamp’s Official Launch!

Enavu launches a Free Project Management Solution for everyone!

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Free Project Management Becomes Reality!

On January 31, 2011, free project management was released to the world. We had an amazing kick-off and greatly appreciate each and every person involved in helping us grow. We are very pleased to see all the feedback, it’s quite amazing to hear so many positive things! We are working hard to satisfy our users so please don’t hesitate to contact us—even if you would like to chat!

Please continue to help spread the word about us. Free project management is the future!

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Lofton Taylor

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  • When a Spanish versión, there are not many words to translate :)

  • Coming very soon!!!

  • Exactly how “very soon” will a Spanish UI be available?
    Two months have passed since your reply… So “very soon” is getting late… :) Any news?


  • Hey Paula, it’s very unfortunate but we have had the Spanish translation for over 2 weeks. One of our developers had a family emergency and was unable to finish some changes he had started on, so we were unable to continue our release schedule. We now have all changes ready, and are just finalizing the interface to support more languages. We do apologize for the inconvenience, however we put our families first.


  • Hi, we are in September 2012 and Freedcamp is not yet translated to Spanish or other languages, of course it’s a (generally) free tool and that’s great but one and a half years ago it was mentioned that other languages were “around the corner” and there are no news. Any idea when it will be available?

  • We did have spanish version of the system. However after our new version release we just couldn’t afford to continue translating everything and managing it. If we ever start making enough financial gains to hire the necessary team to manage certain tasks it will be implemented. You’d be amazed the commitment and involvement of a system like ours, especially offering it for the price of $0.00 to a hundred thousand people.

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