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What will 2011 mean for Web Development

Every year I like to write a post and put in my 2 cents about the future of web development and where it is heading.

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Every year I like to write a post and put in my 2 cents about the future of web development and where it is heading.

This year I have to say has really been the year to see progress in the field. Why is that, well because whether we like it or not everything is moving to the web. Of course the biggest reason for that is Google and their “It has to work in the browser” attitude. I was recently talking to a couple employees in google and they have confirmed my speculations that google is working hard to make everything play nice in the browser. So what does this mean? Well it means that HTML5 is now, even though we have to use all these Fallbacks for Internet Explorer we are still using the Video tag, and the Audio tag and all that good jazz. Of course all of this will be reflected in the upcoming release of 52framework which really supports it all. Another interesting observation is the drag and drop education our users have received. A few years ago we tried a drag and drop shopping cart and we managed to confuse the hell out of our users, but now they are more understanding of the concept. The upcoming release of the Enavu Networks free project management system uses a very good amount of drag and drop for its To-Do’s application. Why is drag and drop so important for the web, well it’s simple, we have been using dragging and dropping on our desktop for decades and now it’s finally making its way into our browser.

Other interesting developments in the web is the Virtual Desktop. I know I am a little biased on the subject because I have worked for AlwaysOnPC.com who actually offer your own virtual linux box that is accessible with every mobile device and browser. But besides my bias I just got an iPad and guess what, I keep accessing my iMac and MacBookPro with it. I also access my computer at work (dell something) with my iMac and use both screens on one window, it’s nice. Personally I really find this to be a huge move towards the real virtual desktop. With googles notebook that has no HardDrive the ability to access a computer equipped with everything you need is more and more important. So keep an eye for computers with less and less… and virtual solutions with more and more!

Have yourself a great 2011, by being in the Web Development Industry you are in the real center of things.

Angel Grablev
(enavu president)

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