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Verticaly center an image inside a div

Some things you just can’t do with CSS or you can but it’s not easy at all, and one of them is verticaly center an image inside a div. Here is how you can do it easily with jQuery.

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            /*we are using $(window).load() here because we want the coding to take
            effect when the image finishes loading. */

            //get the width of the parent
            var parent_height = $('#the_image').parent().height();

            //get the width of the image
            var image_height = $('#the_image').height();

            //calculate how far from top the image should be
            var top_margin = (parent_height - image_height)/2;

            //and change the margin-top css attribute of the image
            $('#the_image').css( 'margin-top' , top_margin);

Demo     Source

The demo has some css is it, like horizontal centering (text-align:center) on the div, background, specific height and border so you can see the vertical centering is working perfect.

Final words

Easier then all that css tricks and hacks in order to make the same effect, isn’t it?

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  • Hi,
    I have a problem with multiple photos (in different sizes) in a page. Vertical align seems to be not correct. Please help.

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