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The 10 Most Useful Business Web Applications of 2011

Most businesses today have to sift through thousands of web applications to find what would be useful to them, so I decided to write down which 10 applications my business couldn’t live without.

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Most businesses today have to sift through thousands of web applications to find what would be useful to them, so I decided to write down which 10 applications my business couldn’t live without.

You are probably already using 1-3 web applications to manage and run your business but what if there are better alternatives or just other applications you don’t know about that could potentially save you a lot of time or improve your business dramatically? Well today I will list the 10 applications any business owner or even web users needs to be aware of.

1. Google Docs – link

The Google document suite is just irreplaceable in our office, from sharing documents quickly and efficiently to editing them at the same time. This tool single handedly replaced Microsoft Office overnight for us, and besides the financial savings, it yields many other benefits that my company couldn’t live without.

2. Google Reader – link

The web is changing so fast, in the industry of web development there are new and important news every single day and you don’t want to be out of the loop. When a blog is posted and you are not subscribed to its RSS does that blog article still help you… no it doesn’t. So if you are not using RSS yet go ahead start, it will allow you to quickly skim through all the latest in any industry you want. Just go to your favorite websites and find their little RSS link. Google reader is honestly the best RSS reader by far, it allows you to keep track of everything, share with friends, and it just works.

3. Freedcamp – link

Project Management is an essential part of any business, keeping track of what’s happening and keeping everyone informed is a must. Freedcamp offers all of that for free in a beautiful package that anyone can start using today.

4. Wordpress – link

Whether you want to keep your customers informed or you want to make a simple website for your product with WordPress you can be up and running in hours (for beginners) or minutes (for experts). It has a theme/plugin that is right for you to help you do anything you may want to do!

5. Pandora – link

I know people may complain about adding a music streaming service in this list, but I can’t lie, I use Pandora 24/7 in the office and in my car and at home. It makes it easier to work, it makes everyone else happy… it’s a win win!

6. Alexa – link

There is no feeling like that of waking up and seeing that your Alexa world ranking dropped 10k overnight. Alexa does a terrific job of monitoring the internet and keeping records of which websites are doing good and which are not. It’s especially important for you as a web user or possibly a site owner to check your Alexa ranking once in a while.

7. WaveAccounting – link

WaveAccount is a beautiful FreshBooks replacement that like Freedcamp is absolutely free and awesome. WaveAccount will help you manage all those annoying things that accountants usually have to do for a bunch of money. It’s an amazing application, and its price tag is along enough to make you check it out right now.

8. Google Analytics – link

Knowing your audience is pretty much the first advice you will ever get from anyone in the Business industry. I have read countless books that start with some variation of “Know your audience”. With google analytics you can do just that by tracking the visitors of your website and seeing how your traffic is doing.

9. Beanstalkapp – link

You may have never heard of SVN, GIT, or Mercurial… that’s okay. What all of these Versioning systems allow you to do is keep a complete back up of your code/designs and so forth. You can see every step that was taking in modifying the Code and so forth. I promise you once in a while this is a Life Saver! Or if you just want to know who to blame for something that’s wrong with the code.

10. Gmail – link

The ultimate business user tool since 2005 (or at least that’s when i joined). Emailing has never been so powerful, fast, and free! We have thrown out Outlook a long time ago now, and haven’t missed it since.

We hope this list has been informative and helpful! Feel free to post comments with the applications you simply can’t live without!


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