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Maxlength for textarea using jQuery

If you want to limit the characters your user/visitor can type in an input field, you CAN, using the maxlength attribute. But if you want to limit the characters for textarea, you CAN’T, because it doesn’t support the maxlength attribute like inputs do. So here is a little jQuery script that will make the textarea’s maxlength attribute work.

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Demo     Source


<textarea maxlength='20'></textarea>

The jQuery code bellow will have effect to all textareas with maxlength attribute.


$(document).ready(function() {

		//get the limit from maxlength attribute
		var limit = parseInt($(this).attr('maxlength'));
		//get the current text inside the textarea
		var text = $(this).val();
		//count the number of characters in the text
		var chars = text.length;

		//check if there are more characters then allowed
		if(chars > limit){
			//and if there are use substr to get the text before the limit
			var new_text = text.substr(0, limit);

			//and change the current text with the new text


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Slobodan Kustrimovic

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  • A similar jQuery plugin for setting Maxlength of a textarea:

  • That one doesn’t work with copy paste :)

  • Cool code it works! Nice!

  • new in jQuery.
    this script proves the power of jQuery.
    thanks for sharing

  • @Calin – That’s only a little bit of jQuery power. :)

  • For extra convience you can also add a counter.
    Just add a span somewhere

    (Added spaces for display purposes)

    And add a litle piece of js:

    $(“.remaining”).html((limit – text.length) + ” letters remaining.”);


    $(“.remaining”).html((text.length) + ” letters written.”);

  • I saw that the blog stripped out the little HTML I punt in… so I’ll explain.

    You can just add a span or div with the class “remaining” and it’ll smash in the text there…

    You could also make it prettier by doing this:

    var chars = text.length;

    var charsLeft = limit – text.length;

    if(charsLeft < 1 ){
    charsLeft = 'No’;

    $(“.remaining”).html(charsLeft + ” letters left.”);

    I added dashes in the hope the span now stays in tact…


  • Try < and > :)


    &lt and &gt with the ; at the end :)

  • That one doesn’t work with copy paste

  • This one is great because it’s works well. You do only need to specify it at the tag level. So it works great for .net and MVC code.

    However it flickers. :(

  • great job thanks :D

  • it Works, Nice….

  • That piece of script is really great. I must use it in my website. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the to-the-point code and clear instructions.

  • thanks for the code

    i would like to know about the selector textarea[maxlength] if i have mora than one textearea in my form

    can i do like this : $(‘#firstidtxarea textarea[maxlength]‘) for the first and $(‘#secondidtxarea textarea[maxlength]‘) for the second textearea thank you

  • Here is version that works with paste:


  • Since .net doesn’t render maxlength on textareas, you can substitute $(this).attr(‘maxlength’) with $(this).attr(‘cols’) * $(this).attr(‘rows’). This would only work if your data limit is the same size as your textarea.

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