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Description text inside an input field

Demo     Source

<input type=’text’ class=’description_active’ value=’Click to see the effect…’>


$(document).ready(function() {

Pretty simple, we have an input field with class ‘description_active’ and a default value assigned to [...]

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Demo     Source


<input type='text' class='description_active' value='Click to see the effect...'>


$(document).ready(function() {

Pretty simple, we have an input field with class ‘description_active’ and a default value assigned to it with HTML. When it’s clicked we remove the class so it’s no longer counted as an input with description text in it, and set the value to ” (nothing). :)

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Slobodan Kustrimovic

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  • how can i show back a help value after moving the cursor?

  • Sorry, didn’t understand the question.

    After moving the cursor where?

  • I think he meant if you tab into the field and then tab out without typing anything he wants the hint to come back.

  • Thanx man. It worked as a charm. But what [spite] said; When you click in the input box the text dissapears right? but when you click something else on the site the text/value (Click to see the effect…’) doesn’t RE-appear. How to do that?

  • Use this :) http://web.enavu.com/design/advanced-jquery-placeholder-plugin-cross-browser-support/

    its really awesome

  • I’ve just started a blog, and my first post was very similar to this.

    I’ve basically got the same tutorial, except when you click out of my text field with no text the original description returns:


    Think it was what you guys might have been looking for.

    It was written with MooTools but originally with just plain js. Let me know if you interested in the plain js version.

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