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Enavu launches Vanity Toolset (jQuery Plugins)

Enavu has launched a jQuery set of plugins that will help make your website look better and have more functionality.

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jQuery focus on first field trick

I have developed quite a few Web Apps and something that I have always found useful is the ability to pre-select the first input field on the page so it’s easy for the user to start filling out a form.

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jPaginate – jQuery Pagination System Plugin

The latest enavu jQuery plugin brings you instant html pagination allowing you to split series of elements into organized pages.

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Associative Arrays – jQuery style JavaScript Functions

When writing JavaScript applications you will come in need of something like Associative Arrays, because it allows you to pass in attributes to the function and set a default value if one wasn’t supplied.

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Web Forms: Validation [part 3]

This article goes over the common validation practices both in the back-end and front-end of our Web Sites.

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Mock Design Slice HTML CSS JavaScript – Modern Approach to Creating Websites

The optimal process I have developed after creating thousands of websites, if you follow my pattern and understand the reasoning behind it you can be making websites two to three times faster!

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Centering a Div Vertically and Horizontally via pure CSS or with JS

This tutorial goes over a very simple and clean method of Centering a Div or any other block element Vertically and Horizontally.

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Advanced jQuery Placeholder Plugin (cross-browser support)

Plugin that enables you to use the Placeholder attribute inside your input fields.

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Use HTML5 Placeholder Input Attribute Today using jQuery!

How to use jQuery to gain the ability of using html5 placeholder attribute for input fields!

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jQuery/CSS Incremental Layout Size Adjuster

Using jQuery and CSS we will create an incremental layout size adjuster that can make our whole website become either larger or smaller depending on the users preference.

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