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10 Amazing Free Website Templates

The internet is full of amazing resources like free icons, templates, applications, and so much more. Today we wanted to show you 10 amazing, and completely free website templates.

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Google Releases a Library of Web Fonts you can use

Yesterday google announced a library of fonts that use the CSS3 @font-face properties to be embedded into webpages. You can go and get some free fonts for your website from here.
So why is google releasing a library of web fonts, well it’s quite simple actually. Google promotes the newest web technologies because they are a [...]

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Fonts Web 2.0 Edition

Fonts are one of the most important design elements in any website. When the term Web 2.0 first started coming out a lot of logo’s were considered Web 2.0 because of a common use of certain fonts.
Personally I see the use of certain fonts in our designs as a Web 2.0 element. When Web [...]

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Fixing the IE7 z-index issue (internet explorer 7 z-index)

Even though IE9 was announced and it’s really going to make our lives easier… for now we still have to worry about sneaky IE7.

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How Famous WebDev Blogs Designs Evolved

An overview of the progression of the famous web development blogs from the past to the present.

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Coding/Slicing Websites using Images vs. CSS3 & HTML5

With the upcoming uses of CSS3 allowing you to forgo the usual image slicing for a much nicer cleaner way of accomplishing the same thing once wonders what to use CSS for and what to do with images.

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Typography in Web Design – Complete Guide

This article reveals information about typography as seen and used in today’s web world. It goes over techniques that will help you create pleasing typography in your website designs.

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The most influential web designs today, and why they work!

This is a list of the most inspirational and influential designs today. Each one is explained and evaluated.

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First ever HTML5 CSS3 framework – 52framework

The enavu network releases the first HTML5 CSS3 framework! Check out a quick review of the 52framework here.

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The CSS Pre Wrap Trick

Quick CSS Tip on how to make the pre tag wrap the text inside of it.

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